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Fish and Chips

1. Elbe River, from the bridge that unites Dessau and Rosslau. The forest is behind and acts as a water protection area. 2. Marone (Boletus edulis), a type of mushroom that populates the forest, contains an extra layer to absorb water. 3. The layout of foraged ingredients and pantry findings to prepare the recipe on a Sunday.

Elbe - Germany

Marone Earth and WaterMarone Earth and Water
by Gabriela A.Z.

The recipe 'fish&chips' reminds me of harbor labor, and fatty meals to fulfill the hunger. The autumn labor of mushroom picking brought me to this filling in relation to the Elbe forest. I decided to replace the Fish with the Marone, which is not only vegan but more accessible because I don't have a fishing permit. The fact that I coated the mushrooms in bread crumbs, was very strange for my german friends. But the Pilsen beer brought a familiar taste and complemented well the strong umami of the horseradish in the potatoes. A local (earthy) interpretation of this recipe.